Daniel Turner – Braintree FC Supporter

את דניאל טרנר בן ה-18, פגשנו במשחק בהיצ׳ין, ויום לאחר מכן במשחק של צ׳לטנהאם. מסתבר שדניאל הוא Grounhopper רציני, שלא מוותר על אף משחק באף רדיוס באף סופ״ש אנגלי. דניאל הוא אחד האוהדים הנאמנים ביותר של בריינטרי, קבוצת הליגה החמישית.

Hi there, my name is Daniel I am 18 years old and I am from the United Kingdom I live and Support a non league team from the 5th tier of English Football (5 leagues below the Premier League).
That team I support is Braintree Town Fc, my passion started when I went to watch my first game back in January 2010 when I saw Braintree win 1-0 against Woking. Once I started going I couldn't stop going I was hooked! 
Over the past 6 years I've seen highs and lows (mostly high!)
From seeing Braintree getting promoted to the National League and seeing us beat big teams such as Tranmere Rovers 2-1 away in 2015 and beating Luton Town 3-2 away in 2014 live on Tv! 
I love to go and watch Braintree play away and I have seen us play away on many occasions traveling the length of the country to watch my home team along with the other loyal Braintree fans. 


The players we have love our away following, recently we drew 1-1 at Cheltenham which was a fantastic point for us in a game where I had met the "Cinderella Men" at the game and 24 hours prior at Hitchin Town whilst I was Groundhopping. At the end of the game at Cheltenham the players came over to our 30 fans that made the journey for a Tuesday night and shook our hands and for our support to get recognised in the media is great for us. 
Our home games roughly get a average attendance of 650 which in reality is one of the lowest in the league but that doesn't matter as our league form is fantastic having finished in the too half of the table in most recent seasons but that's why I love my club

thank you 🙂 ~Daniel

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